About Us

Softree Consulting has an upheld track record of delivering complex SharePoint projects for several years across the world. We have a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals with both SharePoint infrastructure and software proficiency. Softree Consulting can guide and advice organizations to comprehend, strategist, organize, cultivate and fully take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint. Whether you are looking for complex applications based on workflow-driven SharePoint or just basic intranet or on-premise & cloud application, we have got you covered.

We pride upon shaping everlasting customer relation and are focusing on meeting you’re each organizational objective by getting involved in every aspect of your projects. We not only work for our client, but we also work with them to ensure the exact result you want.

Our SharePoint consultants will:

  • Closely work with to develop an influential strategy that meets your overall organizational objectives.
  • Offer shrill technology advice on the effective infrastructural design, formation, and development of SharePoint.
  • Devise prominently customized SharePoint solutions that acclimate with your business needs.
  • Provide guidance on your existing infrastructure system and offer solutions using SharePoint and guide you how to best exploit SharePoint in your company.

Core Values –

Our core values have developed over the course of our working years and have deeply embedded in the root of our organization.

Trust –

We, the people, in our organization consider the fact that “Trust” is the key factor in every business relationship and we abide by the saying “Honesty is the best policy”.

Expertise –

We are committed to ensuring that we are at our best and we try maintaining that ideology with continual professional and personal development in our Business Environment.

Determination –

We always resolute to our root cause, which is to understand your business and design a solution for you that actually works, while providing to your exact need. We can’t provide what’s needed for your business if we don’t understand the nature of your business, how it operates and its objectives.

Approachability –

Along with years of experience, excellent industry knowledge, and groundbreaking software skill, we have always been following the fundamental of open and friendly work style.

Fun –

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, so they say. So we enjoy what we do and sometimes try being funny.

Our knowledgeable team work in sync with you to meet and exceed your expectation. They will put their best to deliver the exact solution you want. To revolutionize business practices and approaches, we can deploy SharePoint strategies across your business environment. We will be there with you while you evolve and help you go past the speed bumps.

Softree Consulting has been working in this area for a significant period of time and has implemented over 30 projects for global clients worldwide.

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